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 Berichttitel: Barckley's bloodline
Geplaatst: zo jun 24, 2012 10:42 am 
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[ Sinds ik van jullie verhalen en teksten hier kan genieten dacht ik ook even mijn nieuwste verhaalte posten, Ik weet niet of het hier echt thuishoort dus als het verkeerd staat, Sorry! :D men verhaal gaat niet echt over heksen maar wel over magie, Fantasie en het is wel in Engels geschreven dus ik hoop dat jullie dit niet erg vinden ^^]

Here we go:


"What you're about to read is the story of a once respected man ,who, for some was nothing more than a monster, the devil himself, and when you turn every page of this story you might feel relieved, disgusted, hated and discover feelings you might never have experienced before.. but I don't care, I loved him and I still do. He was my true love and his name was Todd Barckley."


"and so I'd be glad to welcome you in our home. Yours sincerely, Jane Kelaghan." Lillith smiled to herself reading this words. She fold up the letter and put it away in her leather purse. The woman wore a blue dress with matching stockings and a dark blue corset which lined the curves of her body perfectly. The Kelaghan sister was accompanied by her one and only daughter. She had the age of 11 and was very stubborn at times. "Nakoma sit up straight please." Lillith received a glance back from the girl who was reading a book, while lying down on the seating of the carriage. Both looked each other in the eyes for several seconds. Lillith knew her daughter found her way with staring and starting annoying conversations but to her surprise, Nakoma obeyed. The girl closed the book, putting it away in her bag, right next to her. A sigh escaped Nakoma's frail lips while getting up. She leaned back and rested her elbow upon the armrest. One glance outside the carriage's window made her sigh one other time. "When will we get there?" Nakoma asked her mother, who smiled at her in return. "It won't be long anymore." This answer wasn't very pleasing for the Kelaghan daughter. She rolled her eyes secretly. "That's what you said hours ago." She whispered to herself. Lillith's face gave a worried expression. She hated to see her daughter unhappy but they didn't had a choice, not this time. A silence fell between them and the sound of galloping hooves took over the end of the conversation. Lillith joined her daughter by looking at the buildings passing by the carriage. "Oh Look dear, there's your new school." Both observed the building and playing children in the yard. The building seemed very old and the children wore a green uniform that's supposed to be proper but Nakoma didn't like wearing uniforms. In fact she didn't even like the dresses she had to wear. This thought made her lower her head, overlooking her own dress.

The dress was very familiar with her mother's. It had a tint of silkblue and her stockings matched the dress as well. Her underskirt however was white, this was worn by the young women of London. She knew her mother bought her this to fit in with the other girls but that didn't mean Nakoma had to like it. "I know you're going to like it there.": her mother said, trying to continue this difficult conversation. "I liked my old school better." Was the answer the mother received from her child. Nakoma didn't even look up. Her tenger fingers we're playing with one of her brown locks. She met her mum's blue eyes, they we're very light, sometimes it seemed like they had the color of the sky. They we're the opposite of Nakoma's eyes. Hers, we're dark and some even claimed seeing unnatural things in those eyes. Lillith took her daughters hands, forcing her to let go of the hair she was playing with and meet her motherly gaze. "Nakoma, try to understand, I didn't want this either for us but I didn't had a choice, if only he was still…" Lillith's lips felt like they paralyzed while thinking of him, Robert, the man she spent part of her life with, known as Nakoma's father. Her warm hands let go of her daughters to grab her purse. She searched for a tissue which took her a few moments and when she found it, Lillith dried away some tears on her slender cheeks. In an instant Nakoma felt horrible, the last thing she wanted to do was upset her mother. "Mum I'm sorry. I know you want only what's best for us." Both gave each other a welcoming smile. Nakoma scooted over next to her mother, who embraced her 11 year old. She kissed her daughter's forehead when Nakoma's head rested on her shoulder.

"We need to give it a chance, both of us."

[Stukje van hoofdstuk 1,hopelijk vonden jullie het al wat interessant :D]

[~I feel...wicked~]


 Berichttitel: Re: Barckley's bloodline
Geplaatst: za maart 16, 2013 10:34 pm 
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Ben benieuwd hoe het verder gaat. Lijkt me een bijzonder meisje, Lillith´s dochter:).

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